WEBOMATIC Vacuum Food Sealer

Food Machinery Company supply, service & repair a wide range of vacuum food sealers across the UK. They are the UK main agent to WEBOMATIC who is a German manufacturer of vacuum food sealers renowned for their build quality and reliability. One of the most popular type of machine is the table top model, which Read More →

WEBOMATIC vacuum packers are designed for evacuation of air and sealing of products in vacuum pouches. These machines WEBOMATIC vacuum packers pack a broad variety of products including fresh meat, meat products, fish, cheese, vegetables, dry fruits and nuts as well as non food products such as medical components. By removing air away from product, Read More →

The WEBOMATIC duoMAT double chamber vacuum packers is the replacement for the old ED and CD range of WEBOMATIC vacuum packers. The duoMAT is constructed from stainless steel with a stainless steel chamber complete with vacuum chamber filler boards. This machine is part of WEBOMATIC’s CleanDesign© generation of packaging machinery. The shape of the lid prevents Read More →